Expectations have changed.

The standard trade show format no longer holds appeal. In fact, just the opposite. So, they come and go quickly or visit a few folks they know, or worse… don’t show up at all.

Attendees want more solutions-based discussions.

More Q&A conversations, not promotional flyers. Dialog, not a sales pitch, they want answers not a stress ball (okay, they’ll take a cool hydro-flask).

Time to blow it up.

In answer to these concerns CPOA has blown up the traditional COPSWEST event and is now offering TWO unique shows with formats to engage audiences with impact.

CPOA Advance – You. Your Department. Your Community.

August 20-22, 2019, Long Beach, CA

Advancement of public safety through unconventional dialog on topics ranging from leadership, strategic partnerships, succession planning, and tactical and technological advantage.

Focusing on conversations that matter, your solutions-driven presentations and demos will be featured as key components of a powerfully different show experience.

Do you want to make a difference either for yourself, your department, or for your community? Then you belong at ADVANCE! From agency heads to line officers, get ready to experience cross-functional, cross-generational collaboration at its best.

Please submit your contact details below for further information about 2019 ADVANCE.

For all specific show inquires:

Cindi Williams
ADVANCE & CWFleet Production Manager
D: 916.520.2246
P: 916.263.0541