CPOA – President’s Biweekly Update

Deputy Chief David McGill, Newport Beach Police Department

  • On October 3 through October 6, CPOA held its annual COPSWEST Training Conference & Expo.  For the first time ever, the conference was held in Northern California, in Sacramento.  Preliminary review of attendance numbers and feedback indicate this was our most successful show ever, with more people attending training than in any year in the past.  Huge thanks goes to Sacramento County Sheriff and CPOA Immediate Past President Scott Jones, and Sacramento Police Department Chief Sam Somers, for committing so many resources and working exceptionally hard to make this show the success it was.  I was honored to be sworn in as President, and I look forward to working with this incredible Board of Directors, CPOA Staff, and the members this next year.
  • On Monday, October 3, Board Member Laura Farinella (Chief, Laguna Beach Police Department) represented CPOA at a press conference with California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, to voice opposition to Proposition 57, another early release measure sponsored and advocated by Governor Brown.
  • We were all devastated and heartbroken to learn of the murders Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Steve Owens on October 5, and Palm Springs Police Department Officers Jose Gilbert “Gil” Vega and Lesley Zerebny on October 8.  We grieve with our law enforcement colleagues across the State and Country, and we vow to continue the fight to end the early release of violent, non-rehabilitated felons.
  • First Vice President Mitch McCann (Chief, Simi Valley Police Department) attended LASD Sergeant Owens’ funeral services on behalf of CPOA on Thursday, October 13.
  • I attended the California State Sheriffs Association Board Meeting in Bakersfield on Thursday, October 13.
  • I attended a “No on Proposition 64” press conference in Los Angeles on Monday, October 17, where a Spanish-language ad was introduced for the Los Angeles and Southern California television viewing audience.
  • I attended the funeral of Palm Springs Officers Gil Vega and Lesley Zerebny on Tuesday, October 18.

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