See You In Ontario!

Show Dates:

October 27-28, 2020

Load in:

October 26, 2020

Load out:

October 27, 2020

Tackling big trends and discussions, CWFLEET looks to steer the future of fleet with exciting demos, new products, top industry vendors and updates that help keep our personnel safe and fleet managers working efficiently. Targeting all public safety fleet departments, city managers, utility districts and their personnel from across the West and across the nation. Including personal invitations to key agencies and cities to broaden our audience. Vendors relating to all facets of fleet, fleet tech and fleet communications have a place at CWFLEET. This shows focus: IN – ON – AROUND the vehicle


Show at both CWFLEET and ADVANCE and receive a $500 credit on your CWFLEET booth rental.

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Floor Plan goes live February 25th

Pre-show sales are now OPEN – Complete your contract before the floor plan is live to be first on the to select your booth space. Click here to view all exhibit floor plans. Access your CPOA account or create a profile. Then give us a call to authorize your staff to make a purchase on behalf of your organization and you will be all set to select your booth. 

NOTE: You must log-in or create an account with Once account is established, please call CPOA staff at 916.263.0541 to authorize you to purchase on behalf of your organization.