CP21: Community Policing in the 21st Century to Reduce Conflict – Beverly Hills

April 11, 2018   |   Beverly Hills, CA

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Beverly Hills Public Library Auditorium
444 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

8am to 5pm

NO POST credit given

Course Description
This course will prepare attendees with the ability to provide their agency AND community members with critical information to build trust and reduce violence between peace officers and the community they serve.

Key Topics:
• Developing Mutual Respect, Appreciation Skills (increases factual criminal reporting)
• Logical Response Based on Critical Thinking and Quality 2-­way Communication Skills
• Effective Use of Social Media, Positive Message Campaigns, and Classroom Events
• Scenario-­based training explaining De-­escalation and Problem Solving in the Field
• Understanding and Connecting with Special Populations in Your Area

Jason Lehman
Why’d You Stop Me? Founder
Educational and Motivational Speaker
Long Beach (CA) Police Officer
Advocate for Peace

Employed as a peace officer since 2006. Jason spent seven years of his career as one of the leaders of the West Division’s “Directed Enforcement Team”. This team specializes in gang and violent crime suppression in the highest crime areas in the city. Jason currently works as a police officer for the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) where he heads up the “Community Engagement Division”. Jason graduated from USF with honors earning bachelor degrees in both Interpersonal Communication and Criminology.

In 2015, California Attorney General Kamala Harris proclaimed, “WYSM is BEST PRACTICE for reducing acts of violence between police and the community”. One of the foremost experts in police/community conflict and policing in the 21st century, Jason is passionate, loyal and dedicated to the communities he serves. He is a high performance person and expert speaker who has educated more than 10,000 police officers and community members alike. Jason’s message has been received in more than 20 cities across 5 states.

Peace officers with a desire to expand the relationships between public safety, community–based organizations, and the public.

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$70 – non-members

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