P.E.P.: Force Use for the 21st Century – San Ramon

June 19, 2017   |   San Ramon, CA

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San Ramon Police Department
2401 Crow Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94853

Part 1 – 8am to 12pm
Part 2 – 1pm to 5pm   *You must register for Part 1 to attend Part 2.  Registration is limited to 25 people for this practical application section.

NO POST credit given

This class introduces officers to the Platform-Efficiency-Proficiency (P.E.P.) philosophy, which is aimed at reducing the number of force incidents and the likelihood of injuries to officers and suspects. The P.E.P. model of force bridges the gap between safely subduing a resisting subject and the public’s negative perception of police uses of force.

Part I:
The class provides a systematic breakdown and legal education for officers to articulate and decide on force options. Attendees will work through the three core principals, breaking them down individually through lecture, dialogue and video. Officers are taught to constantly assess the contact(s) in regards to “strength of legal Platform”. Attendees will learn that even a simple technique could result in serious bodily injury or death. Developing and articulating a legal platform prior to the decision to use force will mitigate the risk.

Part II:
This practical portion focuses on specific techniques covered in the Part I lecture. Attendees will be instructed, receive demonstration and practice the techniques as they apply in the PEP Philosophy. Techniques include: basic capture and leg control, team control, unorthodox use of restraint systems in addition to handcuffing, transitions vs de-escalation, TASER drills, Carotid / LVNR drills and other related information.

John Domingo — Huntington Beach Police Lieutenant and developer of P.E.P. model

Police chiefs, managers and supervisors; city attorneys; training managers; risk managers; and those responsible for developing or maintaining their agency’s arrest and control program.

Registration Fees:
Part 1: $45/Members; $65/Non-Members
Part 2: $55/Members; $75/Non-Members

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Substitution Policy:

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