Pitchess Motion Update – Napa

July 16, 2024   |   Napa


     Gregory P. Palmer – Law Offices of Jones and Mayer

Gregory P. Palmer joined the Law Offices of Jones & Mayer as a Senior Associate in 1999.    Prior to that, Mr. Palmer spent almost ten years with the Law Offices of Mayer, Coble & Palmer.  He has extensive experience acting as a legal advisor to more than 100 chiefs of police and sheriffs throughout the State of California.  In that capacity, he has provided legal assistance in all aspects of operating a police department. Mr. Palmer has represented Chiefs of Police in more than three hundred disciplinary appeal hearings and arbitrations with a ninety percent success rate.  He has also handled several disciplinary hearings involving firefighters and public works employees.  Mr. Palmer is experienced in handling excessive force, dishonesty, insubordination, off-duty criminal conduct, and other matters.  He has appeared in court on “Pitchess” motions hundreds of times and has prepared and argued a dozen appellate court writs challenging improper trial court decisions on these motions.  Mr. Palmer has also briefed and argued approximately twenty administrative writ petitions on discipline cases and AB 301 issues.  Prior to entering the practice of law, he was a police officer for ten years in La Palma, California.
Mr. Palmer is also conversant in all aspects of the criminal prosecution of city code enforcement cases.  He has performed as the City Prosecutor in two local cities and Assistant City Prosecutor in several more cities.   Mr. Palmer has developed unique expertise in prosecuting sexually-oriented businesses, both criminally and by administratively suspending or revoking city permits.