COPSWEST is now Advance. Here is why.

CPOA’s COPSWEST Training & Expo event was split to better serve our unique membership of all public safety agencies and personnel in California.

The attempt to provide education sessions and a show floor that included many fleet vendors was not achieving that goal, so now ADVANCE will serve as our educational conference geared toward leadership development and an unparalleled exposure to colleagues within California who can help excel your career growth. ADVANCE also contains a unique and hands-on expo floor with vendors who provide solutions to the growing and rapid needs of the profession. If you’re not there, the agency next door is.

CWFleet a few months later, will be focused on the fleet and vehicular needs of the profession, and is aligned with LASD’s Track Day. Back in Ontario, where COPSWEST gained its footing, CWFleet is guaranteed to meet your agency’s needs to send your personnel out into the communities in a safe and technologically efficient manner!

Do you want to make a difference either for yourself, your department, or for your community? Then you belong at ADVANCE 2020!

2020 Registration Link Coming Soon.