Law & Legislation Committee Analyses First Wave of 2019 Bills

By Shaun Rundle, Deputy Director. 

CPOA’s Law & Legislation Committee, which is comprised over thirty law enforcement personnel from across California, last month reviewed the first wave of public safety legislation introduced in 2019. While there was déjà vu with some legislation being re-tried from failed 2017-18 attempts, several new pieces of legislation didn’t sit well with the committee. They include approaches to further expand immunity from arrest, a parole credit schematic, and a supervised overdose prevention program.

Per legislative rules, once bills are introduced, they have to wait thirty days before first being heard in a policy committee (Public Safety, Transportation, Judiciary, etc.). Therefore, most of the bills on the list the committee reviewed have not been set for a hearing date yet, but their impacts were evident enough to warrant a position to be taken. Particularly the bills reintroduced as failed attempts of 2018 proposals that were either vetoed by former governor Jerry Brown or they failed to gain enough votes for passage in the Legislature.

Here are the minutes from the last Law & Legislation Committee, with bill positions noted: