CPOA Leadership Development Course Nomination Application

This exclusive class provides line-level officers the building blocks to grow into leadership positions through the belief that the most powerful way to grow as a leader is to become truly self-aware. This is an excellent opportunity to involve your agency in leadership development at a statewide level.

This class is an 80-hour POST certified course. Tuition is $1,175 per student.

Each agency may submit two nominations. Not all submissions will be accepted.



Applicant Information (All information is required)

Applicant's Name:

POST ID Number:

Applicant's Email Address:


Applicant's Phone Number:

Applicant's Work Number:

Applicant's Cell Number:

Education Level/Degree(s):

Applicant's Agency:

Agency Main Phone Number:

Current Assignment:

Immediate Supervisor Name:

Supervisor's Email Address:

Supervisor's Phone Number:


I will abide by the following conditions for attending CPOA's Leadership Development Course:

I understand that I am responsible for completing all reading and writing assignments for this course.

I fully commit to attending all ten (10) class sessions (two 40-hour weeks).

I agree to take part in all learning activities through active class participation.

Applicant Signature (Fill in name as signature):



Training Manager Information (All information is required)

Training Manager Name:


Direct Phone Number:

Training Manager Email Address:

The agency training manager will receive copies of all emails sent to the students regarding dates, times, homework, etc. They will not receive the student directory, surveys, etc. If the TM does not want to be included in the email notifications, they will email CPOA and designate another staff member to be responsible for the information dispersed.

CPOA will notify the TM of the HOST hotel. Their student(s) must be booked at the HOST hotel, unless the student/agency is local to the course location. The TM is responsible to notify CPOA if their student will not need accommodations, or the agency may be charged for hotel costs.

Training Manager Signature (Fill in name as signature):



Executive Approval (Signature Required)

I understand that my nomination of the above-named applicant to attend the CPOA Leadership in Development Course requires the applicant to make a commitment of time and effort as described above.

I fully attest that the above-named applicant meets the following CPOA requirements for enrollment.

- Is currently serving as a full-time California POST certified peace officer.

- Has passed your agency's probationary period.

- Has been identified by his/her supervisors as a qualified candidate.

Name of Chief Executive/Authorized Designee: