CPOA Leadership Development Course (for Line Level Personnel)



This exclusive class provides line-level officers the building blocks to grow into leadership positions through the belief that the most powerful way to grow as a leader is to become truly self-aware. This is an excellent opportunity to involve your agency in leadership development at a statewide level.

This class is an 80-hour POST certified course.


Each agency may submit three nominations. Not all submissions will be accepted.


    PART A

    Applicant Information (All information is required)

    Applicant's Name:

    POST ID Number:

    Applicant's Email Address:


    Applicant's Phone Number:

    Applicant's Work Number:

    Applicant's Cell Number:

    Education Level/Degree(s):

    Applicant's Agency:

    Agency Main Phone Number:

    Current Assignment:

    Immediate Supervisor Name:

    Supervisor's Email Address:

    Supervisor's Phone Number:

    PART B

    I will abide by the following conditions for attending CPOA's Leadership Development Course:

    I understand that I am responsible for completing all reading and writing assignments for this course.

    I fully commit to attending all ten (10) class sessions (two 40-hour weeks).

    I agree to take part in all learning activities through active class participation.

    Applicant Signature (Fill in name as signature):


    PART C

    Executive/Designee Approval (Signature Required)

    I understand that my nomination of the above-named applicant to attend the CPOA Leadership in Development Course requires the applicant to make a commitment of time and effort as described above.

    I fully attest that the above-named applicant meets the following CPOA requirements for enrollment.

    - Is currently serving as a full-time California POST certified peace officer.

    - Has passed your agency's probationary period.

    - Has been identified by his/her supervisors as a qualified candidate.

    Name of Chief Executive/Authorized Designee: