Legislature Returns and Begins 2018 with Failed 2017 Attempts

By Shaun Rundle, Deputy Director.

Members of the Assembly and Senate return to work this week after a three-month recess that began in September. A review of public safety bills that failed on 2017 is on the agenda, as well as considerations of Governor Brown’s vetoed legislation from last year. Factoring into the Legislature’s ability to overturn any Governor’s vetoes, however, are the loss of Democratic members of the Assembly who resigned amid sexual assault allegations.

Since November of 2017, three Democratic members of the Assembly have resigned their seats. Raul Bocanegra of Pacoima resigned after accusations of sexual misconduct, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas of Los Angeles resigned on December 31st due to health reasons, and Matt Dababneh of Encino’s resignation took effect January 1, 2018. Dababneh’s resignation comes in the wake of allegations against him of inappropriate sexual behavior. The loss of these 3 seats leaves Democrats without their supermajority of members, meaning they can no longer pass new taxes or override Governor vetoes without Republican votes.

Now that the Legislature has returned to work this week, they have several public safety legislation vetoes on their docket to consider for override. These include:

AB 154 (Levine-D)-Requires a court to recommend that a defendant sentenced to state prison receive a mental health evaluation, if the court makes specified findings concerning the defendant’s mental health status.

AB 1393 (Friedman-D)-Requires that a vehicle be impounded for 30 days if the vehicle’s registered owner is convicted of second or subsequent offense for reckless driving or engaging in a speed contest while operating the vehicle.

AB 1120 (Cooper-D)-Allows the imposition of a civil penalty of $2,500, if a manufacturer, wholesaler, reseller, retailer, or other person or entity sells a quantity of nonodorized butane that would cause the customer to exceed 600 milliliters of nonodorized butane in any 30-day period, with specified exemptions.

AB 350 (Salas-D)-Prohibits making a cannabis product in the shape of a person, animal, insect or fruit.  Deletes references to marijuana and replaces them with cannabis.

In the oncoming weeks, new public safety legislation will be introduced, and CPOA’s Law & Legislation Committee will review the bills and taken necessary positions on the legislation.

View CPOA’s 2018 Legislative Platform & Priorities here:  https://cpoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/2018-Legislative-Platform.pdf

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