Kyle Hoertsch

Kyle Hoertsch retired from Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department as a Detective Sergeant after a 22-year career. He was assigned to Corrections, Communications, Task Force Commander for the Regional Sex Offender Task Force, Intelligence Unit and the Department’s Technical Operations Unit. Since 2012, Kyle also held collateral duties as the Department’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Facial Recognition (FR) administrator. The LPR program consisted of 40 mobile units, 50 fixed cameras, 25 custom hotlists, and over 800 users. The FR program consisted of a local gallery of 1.5 million booking images and was deployed to 557 mobile users who used IOS devices for field identifications. In addition to his duties at the department Kyle has trained over 2000 law enforcement professionals across the United States in the use of FR and LPR. Kyle has been recognized as a court expert in are of LPR and has testified as such numerous times.