OCTOBER 15-19, 2018  |  Sacramento, CA


Are you and your agency ready for the firestorm from a controversial use of force? Law Enforcement’s newest certification course prepares you to uncover the truth when lawsuits, careers and reputations are on the line.

CPOA is teaming up with elite Force Science Institute instructional team to offer our members a 10% discount to a program conducted by this impressive team of renowned experts. 

Through the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bill Lewinski, who personally serves as the lead instructor throughout the week, and the Force Science Cert Course team, you’ll learn:

• How to practically apply the training you receive–directly from the Force Science Institute–to your investigations and force evaluations to ensure that vital elements of controversial uses of force are not overlooked.

• Skills to help determine whether an officer is being honest when he swears his recollection of an incident is true…even though his account directly conflicts with forensic evidence.

• Techniques for helping officers accurately & thoroughly recall details of  force encounters, shared directly from the developmental source.

• Why a site visit and/or video review may or may not be advisable before a statement.

• Whether shots to the back really reflect what an officer saw when he pulled the trigger.

• How to avoid critical mistakes some investigators make during post-incident interviews.

• The truth about time: How long it really takes officers to start—and stop—shooting.

• What ready position is really best for reducing lag time…and much more!


Tuition: $1,500 per student
CPOA Members receive a 10% discount – a $150 savings!
Register now, tuition goes up after Jan 1, 2019 to $1650.  

To register, please e-mail the following information to

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Or register by PHONE at (312) 690-6216

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