About the Public Safety Leadership Symposium


As President of CPOA, and an active member, you will often hear me discuss the benefits offered by our association in terms of what makes us unique.

The recent Public Safety Leadership Symposium in Anaheim was a true example of what makes CPOA different in a time of dynamic change in our profession. The symposium offered something for every member of the law enforcement across the state —from Public Records Act +, led by Jones & Mayer, to leadership sessions from Danny Ziem of Echelon Front and Jason Lehman from Why’d You Stop Me (WSYM), there was something offered for everyone.

No matter the rank, no matter the position or agency size, whether sworn or professional staff, training offered by CPOA has an avenue for ALL law enforcement professionals.

There were dynamic speakers with excellent presentations on leadership principles as well as the value of prioritizing health and wellness with building resiliency. One of the best parts noted by attendees was the networking opportunities for all who attended.

All attendees were able to mingle during meals and learn from one another, with collaborative discussions that helped connect law enforcement professionals throughout the state. Being able to do some of this networking and collaboration at Disney California Adventure Park Dinner after a day of training, was an absolute highlight!

Both sworn and professional staff were inspired and left comments on the survey, to include:

  • Need more symposiums like this one—can’t have enough leadership and officer wellness
  • Highlights were Echelon Front, WSYM, and Tom Rizzo—they were inspiring and on topic
  • More networking opportunities
  • The wellness and leadership tracks are great –we need more of these
  • Love that there was something for everyone in the agency


The next opportunity to attend an event such as this will be Spring of 2025, so be on the lookout for the CPOA announcement and open registration.

In the meantime, remember CPOA is the place for training sessions and leadership development. When CPOA touts that there is something for everyone, we truly mean it!


CPOA President,

Chief Christie Calderwood