About CPOA

Everything we do is designed to help YOU do what YOU do best. We are committed to enabling you to deliver exceptional service to the communities you serve.


    • More knowledge means the potential to move ahead, but it can be hard to carve out time for education, much less completing required training. CPOA provides a wide range professional leadership development and training for any stage in your career.


    • Decisions in Sacramento have an impact on the work you do, but keeping up with the latest issues can be daunting, and you many not have access to the real story. CPOA helps you understand the issues impacting law enforcement and takes positions on future legislation affecting your career.


    • Your career is important to you. Contacts guide and mentor you to your next step in advancement. CPOA helps you make connections that make a difference, both personally and professionally at every stage in your career.


CPOA is:

Your source for professional development and training.

Your voice on issues impacting law enforcement.

Your choice for connections that make a difference throughout your career.

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Mission Statement

To serve California law enforcement leaders by providing a focused resource for leadership development and personal growth and to advocate on behalf of all peace officers in order to support the mission of law enforcement and ensure the safety of our communities.



The California Peace Officers’ Association was established in 1921 and is committed to developing progressive leadership for the California law enforcement community through organizational networking, professional development, technology advancement and public policy advocacy. CPOA has over 16,000 members of all ranks from municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies from throughout the state of California.