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The California Peace Officers’ Association (CPOA) has an extremely active legislative program. In fact, because CPOA represents the totality of the law enforcement profession, hundreds of bills effecting CPOA members are reviewed each year. We take great care in developing positions on bills during each legislative session, and all legislation is evaluated by CPOA’s Law & Legislation Committee, which exhaustively examines each bill with a potential impact on law enforcement. The Committee is not merely reactive, either – CPOA’s Law & Legislation Committee has developed and proposed some extremely significant measures.



CPOA’s Political Endorsement Committee is a sub-set of the Law & Legislation Committee and reviews requests from political candidates running for the state legislature, congress, any of the statewide elected offices and even for President of the United States. Just like the Law & Legislation Committee, the Political Endorsement Committee takes great care in their endorsement process. Candidates are asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and are extensively vetted by committee members. Political candidates compete vigorously for CPOA’s endorsement.

2018 Endorsements:

  • Judge Steven Bailey for CA Attorney General
  • Sheriff Tom Bosenko (Shasta County) for reelection
  • Sheriff Bill Brown (Santa Barbara County) for reelection
  • John Cox for Governor
  • Senator Cathleen Galgiani for State Board of Equalization, District 2
  • Sheriff Scott Jones (Sacramento County) for reelection
  • Sydne Michel for L.A. Superior Court Judge (Seat No. 16)
  • Rob Poythress for State Senate (District 12)
  • District Attorney Mike Ramos (San Bernardino County) for reelection
  • Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent of Public Instruction


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Maintaining a regular presence at the Capitol and at the discussion table with regulators, statewide law enforcement, and the public, CPOA’s advocacy program is proud to represent the interests of our members across California.

Our efforts before the Legislature and Governor have resulted in:

  • Continued budget funding for front line law enforcement
  • Funding for county jail construction and maintenance
  • Blocking obtrusive statewide policies for body-worn cameras that usurp local authority
  • Panel participation at Legislative Informational Hearings on body cameras, marijuana legalization, and Prop 47
  • Enactment of Temporary License Plates in California (AB 516)


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To become involved in CPOA’s Advocacy or for any questions about legislative relations, please contact Shaun Rundle at srundle@cpoa.org or 916-520-2248.