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2485 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 540
Sacramento, CA 95833
P: 916.263.0541
F: 916.520.2277


Executive Director

Shaun S. Rundle

Please contact me for:

  • Board of Directors
  • Board Development Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Operational strategy
  • Media
  • Advocacy & Policy
  • Law & Legislation Committee
  • Endorsements Task Force

Membership Coordinator

Tariq Bruno

Please contact me for:

  • Member recruitment & retention
  • Region support
  • Department Memberships
  • Professional Staff Memberships
  • FOP Legal Defense Plan (LDP)

Communications Coordinator

Shannon Calder

Please contact me for:

  • CPOA Website
  • E-blasts and Newsletters
  • Strategic Communications
  • Social Media messaging

Training Coordinator

Lilja Karadottir-Wells

Please contact me for:

  • Training materials shipping
  • POST credits
  • Instructor coordination
  • Training host relations

Administrative/Office Assistant 

Danielle Battani

Please contact me for:

  • General Office
  • Events Assistance
  • Membership Support

Project Specialist

Adriana Bernasconi

Please contact me for:

  • Office support
  • Volunteer Communication
  • Video Production
  • Special Projects

Events Supervisor (Consultant)- 

Katrina Duncan, CMM

Please contact me for:

  • Signature Events (Legislative Summit, ADVANCE, COPSWEST)
  • Course Catalog Training Booking

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