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555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1495
Sacramento, CA 95814
P: 916.263.0541
F: 916.520.2277


Executive Director

Carol Leveroni

Please contact me for:

  • Board of Directors
  • Board Development Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Strategic Partnerships

Deputy Director

Shaun Rundle

Please contact me for:

  • Media Inquiries
  • Legislation & Policy
  • Law & Legislation Committee
  • Region support

Training Manager

Cathy Sharp

Please contact me for:

  • Course development
  • Course instruction
  • State Training Committee
  • COPSWEST Training

Event Manager

Cindi Williams

Please contact me for:

  • Event sponsorship
  • COPSWEST vendors
  • COPSWEST Committee

Membership Coordinator

Alexandra Johnson

Please contact me for:

  • Member support & communications
  • Membership Committee
  • Legal Services Program (LSP)
  • Department Memberships

Training Coordinator


Please contact me for:

  • Course registration
  • Host relations
  • POST credits
  • On-site course materials

Project Assistant

Jennifer Taylor

Please contact me for:

  • Region training courses
  • Web content
  • Publications & Public Affairs Committee


Sonja Lopez

Please contact me for:

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable 

Administrative Assistant

Sari Husmann

Please contact me for:

  • General questions
  • Event registration (COPSWEST and Legislative Summit)
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