ICLD Leadership Courses

January 01 - December 30, 2023   |   Online Course

CPOA and IAPS present the Institute of Credible Leadership Development Program providing the leadership education and development missing between basic police training and senior staff leadership education.

This 4-module online and self-paced course is California POST-approved. Participants can receive up to 191 Continuing Profession Training (CPT) credits per Regulation 1060.

The course is a combination of character-based decision-making, personal and professional development, and virtues-based leadership education.

Executives and officers learn how leadership and communication skills help create, and sustain, trust and mutual respect to directly enhance officer safety and build successful communities.

Module 1 – Credible Leadership Program: Foundations & Principles (42 HOURS):

Department Members: $200
Members: $225
Non-Members: $250

Module 2 – Credible Leadership Program: Theories & Practices (42 hours) :

Department Members: $300
Members: $325
Non-Members: $350

Module 3 – Credible Leadership Program: Application & Advancement (47 HOURS) :

Department Members: $400
Members: $425
Non-Members: $450

Module 4 – Credible Leadership Program: Competence & Mastery (60 HOURS) :

Department Members: $500
Members: $525
Non-Members: $550

Package Modules 1-4 (Available For Members Only):

Department Members: $1,260
Members: $1,350

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the immediate access to the IAPS online leadership classes no refunds will be issued.

Substitution Policy:

Due to the IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this course, substitutions MUST be made prior to the original student logging into the IAPS system.